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A wild herbaceous annual, elegant, with a branched stem and thin leaves found spontaneously in fields and sunny areas of the Karst, is the wild fennel Foeniculum vulgare. This rustic plant belonging to the Umbelliferae family develops beautiful umbel inflorescences at full summer bloom with small yellow flowers wrapped by a unique scent color gold. They are selectively handpicked one at a time, selected, dried, worked, and then packaged to produce "Gold of the Karst": the golden flower fennel seeds, a highly sought-after condiment, noble, very interesting from the food standpoint. The strong licorice fragrance of the golden flower gives the palate a decidedly aromatic taste rich in anethole and fenchone, enclosed within the tiny flowers that are released inside the mouth. Given the spasmolytic and carminative properties of fennel, its flowers were and continue to be used in traditional regional cuisine to flavour meat, game, fish, cheese, eggs, legumes, vegetables, potatoes, soups, pies, and even desserts.

Fennel flowers

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